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a Cereal Breakfast

The Kellogg's Good Mornings Begin Here YouTube video explains how cereal and milk makes a nutritious, convenient and affordable morning meal.

Should I Have Cereal for Breakfast? is a fun and informative infographic that guides clients toward the benefits of eating a cereal breakfast.

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Research Compendium

Get the latest evidence-based research about breakfast and cereal in our Research Compendium.

Kellogg’s MyBowl™ Teaching Tools

Download workbooks and handouts to help clients meet dietary recommendations with bowl-based meals, such as a cereal breakfast.

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You and your clients are full swing into spring – a good time to refresh breakfast and grocery shopping routines.

This issue of the Know Newsletter™ features a breakfast message to perk up your clients, an update on the Facts Up Front labeling program, teaching resources and more.

Benefits of Cereal + Milk…
Do Your Clients Get the Message?

Do your clients need motivation to eat a nutritious breakfast? Or, are they unsure about how to build a good breakfast? If so, relay this message:

A serving of Kellogg’s cereals with one cup of milk offers a tasty combination of grains and protein that helps recharge your body. Protein helps you rebuild and grains help you refuel.

You appreciate the nutrient density of this dynamic duo. And people already love cereal – it’s the #1 breakfast choice in the US. Help your clients reappraise cereal by focusing on key benefits like these:

  • Low-calorie, nutrient-dense and typically low in cholesterol, cereal is one of the best breakfast choices available. A serving of Kellogg's cereals and 1 cup of milk can provide four nutrients most people don’t get enough of: fiber, calcium, Vitamin D and potassium.1,2
  • Cereal with milk helps ensure that people get many of the nutrients they might otherwise miss.
  • About 90% of people in the U.S. do not get the recommended amount of fiber in their diets.3 Kellogg has more cereals that are a good source of fiber (3 grams) than any other U.S. food company.4
Read our Cereal Research Compendium here.

Facts Up Front: Cool Shopping Tools

Are your clients using the Facts Up Front label to make informed choices at the grocery store?

Since 2012, Kellogg has proudly displayed Facts Up Front on our ready-to-eat cereals and snacks.

Facts up Front is a voluntary program that helps consumers quickly make informed choices by bringing key information from the Nutrition Facts panel to the front of the package.

But there’s more. At www.FactsUpFront.org, consumers will find an array of user-friendly interactive nutrition education tools, recipes and tips to help them use Facts Up Front when they shop. Available in English and Spanish and on mobile devices.

And don’t miss the Professional Resources that help you teach clients about the Facts Up Front program.

Learn more about Kellogg and Facts Up Front. 

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3. NHANES 2009-2010.

4. Based on a Kellogg audit of national breakfast cereals, June 2013

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