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New Plant-Based Foods


Tuscan Greens & Beans Entrée

Chickpeas and kale star in this
Italian-inspired entrée. 14 grams
protein and 9 grams fiber per serving.

Per serving (1 entrée): 270 calories,
14g protein, 9g fiber, 7g saturated fat,
30mg cholesterol, 15g fat, 390mg sodium

Morningstar Farms®

Wake up to a zesty breakfast sandwich that’s a good source of protein and fiber. Contains 8g total fat per serving

Per serving (1 sandwich): 200 calories,
12g protein, 4g fiber, 3g saturated fat,
40mg cholesterol, 8g fat, 690mg sodium

Attending the May
WIC Meeting?

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Fiber Up with Food Solutions that Kids Love!

These simple,
ideas help
kids get the
fiber they need.

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Dear Subscriber,

Welcome to the April issue of the Know Newsletter™! It features fresh research about fiber and healthcare cost savings, and new plant-based foods and resources for Earth Day.

Research: More Good News about Fiber and
Healthcare Cost Savings

We recently told you about a 2014 economic modeling analysis, which estimated that increasing dietary fiber consumption may help save billions in annual direct US healthcare costs related to occasional constipation.1

Now, these findings are supported by a new European economic analysis in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain.2 The analysis used a base case that assumed the following changes in the adult population’s daily fiber intake: 25%: No change, 25%: +3 g/day, 15% +4 g/day, 25%: +5 g/day, and 10%: +11 g/day.

Results for the base case showed estimated annual cost savings of £127,037,383 ($193,452,527) in the United Kingdom, €8,791,992 ($9,696,688) in Ireland, and €121,699,804 ($134,222,714) in Spain.3 The largest increase in cost savings corresponds to a scenario in which every adult increased daily fiber intake by 11 g/day.


Celebrate Earth Day with New Soyfoods Resources

April 22 is Earth Day – a perfect time to help the planet by promoting plant-based diets. Soyfoods are a great addition to plant-based diets, so, luckily, April is National Soyfoods Month, too! To celebrate, check out sensational new Soyfoods Month education materials from the Soyfoods Association of North America. You’ll find retailer resources, creative recipes, tips to add soyfoods to everyday meals and much more.

• Get Soyfoods Month resources
 to promote plant-based diets.

• Download Clearing Up
 Confusions Over Soy, a myth-
 busting handout from the SCAN
 Dietetic Practice Group.

Morningstar Farms® is a proud
sponsor of Soyfoods Month 2015.

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1. Schmier JK, Miller PE, Levine JA, Perez V1, Maki KC, Rains TM, Devareddy L, Sanders LM, Alexander DD. Cost savings of reduced constipation rates attributed to increased dietary fiber intakes: a decision-analytic model. BMC Public Health. 2014 Apr 17;14(1):374.

2. Schmier JK, Perez V, Cloran S, Hulme-Lowe C, O’Sullivan K. Cost savings of reduced constipation rates attributed to increased dietary fibre intakes in Europe: a decision-analytic model. Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition Sciences, 2015, 5, 14-23.

3. Source for conversions to American dollars: http://www.bloomberg.com/quote/GBPUSD:CUR Accessed March 5, 2015.

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