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Welcome to the June issue of the Know Newsletter™. Be among the first to learn about NEW Kellogg’s Origins™ cereal, granola and muesli. Then, view our video on whole grain-rich standards for schools and whip up a show-stopping fruit tart.

Discover New Kellogg’s Origins™–
Real Food, Prepared Simply

Kellogg’s Origins™, our new collection of deliciously wholesome cereal, granola and muesli, offers exceptional taste from real ingredients like oats, barley, spelt, quinoa and KAMUT® brand khorasan wheat.

Drawing on our 100-year heritage of making breakfast better, we’ve created unique blends of traditional and ancient grains and fruits, nuts and seeds to provide nutrition that’s simple, authentic and flavorful, as it was meant to be.

Our Kellogg’s Origins™ lineup features whole grains and a good source of fiber with no artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors or hydrogenated oils. Explore Kellogg’s Origins™ below.

Kellogg’s Origins™ Ancient Grains Blend, Touch of Honey

Per serving (¾ cup):
110 calories, 3g fiber,
22g whole grain, 3g protein, 0.5g fat, 150mg sodium


Kellogg’s Origins™ Fruit & Nut Blend, Cranberry Walnut

Per serving (¾ cup):
190 calories, 3g fiber,
15g whole grain, 3g protein,
4g fat, 140mg sodium

Kellogg’s Origins™ Ancient Grains Granola, Raisin Apple

Per serving (½ cup):
200 calories, 5g fiber,
32g whole grain, 5g protein, 3.5g fat, 90mg sodium


Kellogg’s Origins™ Ancient Grains Granola, Cranberry Almond with Pumpkin Seeds

Per serving (½ cup):
200 calories, 5g fiber,
33g whole grain, 6g protein,
3.5g fat, 110mg sodium

Kellogg’s Origins™ Muesli, Apricot Cashew Raisin Coconut with Almonds

Per serving (½ cup):
180 calories, 6g fiber,
33g whole grain, 6g protein, 4g fat, 5mg sodium


Kellogg’s Origins™ Muesli, Raisin Apricot Cranberry with Pumpkin Seeds

Per serving (½ cup):
180 calories, 5g fiber,
32g whole grain, 6g protein,
2.5g fat, 0mg sodium

Video: Whole Grain-Rich Standards for Schools.

If you work with grades K-12, don’t miss our video, Whole Grain-Rich Standards for Reimbursable Meals. Kellogg’s Nutrition™ team member Dave Grotto explains whole grain-rich and grain crediting and how to do the math to meet the standards for reimbursable meals.

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