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Season’s Greetings and welcome to the December issue of the Know Newsletter™.

This month’s big story brings you exciting new research about fiber’s favorable impact on healthcare costs related to diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Make sure to download our client handout featuring tasty tips to boost fiber and try our fruit-and fiber-filled dessert recipe - it’s sure to delight and make your spirits bright.

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New Study Further Confirms Fiber’s Link
to Healthcare Savings

We recently told you about economic modeling studies showing that increasing dietary fiber consumption may help save billions in annual direct US healthcare costs related to occasional constipation1 and a combined hundreds of millions in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain.2

Now, a Canadian study brings more good news on the fiber and economics front. The three-step cost-of-illness analysis calculated that increasing cereal fiber intakes to recommended levels for adults could potentially save CAD$35.9-$718.8 million (USD$27.4-$548.7 million) in type 2 diabetes costs and CAD$64.8million – $1.3 billion (USD$49.5-$992.3 million ) in cardiovascular disease costs annually due to the favorable impact of cereal fiber-rich diets on these conditions.3,4


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4. Source for conversions to American dollars: Accessed November 2, 2015.

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