Plant-based diets can do good by positively impacting our health and that of the planet. Do you know how much just one weekly meatless meal helps Mother Earth? Prepare to be amazed — and to calculate your impact below.

Plant-Based Meals:
Deliciousness that Does the Planet Good

Plant-based diets can do a body good—and they’re good for the planet, too. Enjoying just one meatless meal each week for a year can make an amazing environmental impact. For instance, it can save*1

•  3,600 gallons of fresh water — enough for 200 average showers

•  1,000 square feet of land — that’s like six parking spots

Want to see the good that your veggie meals can make?

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However you veg, it’s Just What the World Ordered™.

Veg Effect Calculator

*The actual environmental impacts will vary depending on various factors, including the source of the food and other overall dietary choices.
1. A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Plant-Based Foods and Meat Foods Summary (Quantis & MorningStar Farms®, 2016)

Research Mounting on Plant-Based Diets

Research examining the health and environmental effects of plant-based diets continues to mount. Check out summaries of a few recent studies below:

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New Foods, New Look, Still Vegilicious

Our newest Morningstar Farms® plant-based foods feature mouthwatering flavors dressed up in new resealable packaging. Pleasing to the taste buds, kinder to the planet. Here’s a fun fact on the new packaging: The new Morningstar Farms packaging uses 38% less material than the old packaging. This means 38% less weight and 38% less waste.

Tangy Topper

Try this
Tangy Topper

Zest up your burger with
a tongue-tingling sauce.

White Bean Chili Burgers
with Cilantro-Pepper Sauce.

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