Happy Holidays from all of us at the Kellogg’s® Know Network™! This month, we look ahead to see what food trends the new year might hold. Then we present our fabulous, flavorful new collection of holiday snack recipes. Enjoy!


Five Food Trends for 2017


Trends-casters are tuning up their crystal balls to foretell predictions for 2017. Watch for these five food trends.



Meatless gains momentum. Look for more meatless entrees on menus and in supermarkets geared to consumers concerned about health, the environment and animal welfare.1 Plant butchery produces faux-meat look-alikes of poultry, steaks, meatballs and more with ingredients like chickpeas, corn, peas, legumes and fungi. Perhaps these will inspire more meat eaters to adopt Meatless Mondays?2


Go meatless with new MorningStar Farms® Chik'n Tikka Masala Veggie Bowls, loaded with chickpeas, Chik'n Strips, veggies and lentils in a savory tomato curry with authentic spices served with a side of naan. 17g protein and 9g fiber per serving.



Fruit flourishes. Perennial-favorite fruit will figure big in new ice cream blends like Raspberry Buttermilk Sherbet and Blueberry Crumble3 and in adult-focused “mocktails” accompanied by herbs and spices.2


Get your fruit fix with Eggo® Oats & Berries waffles made with scrumptious real blueberries and wholesome steel cut oats or a 100-calorie Special K® Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Chewy Bar.



Carbs make a comeback. Clues include pasta dishes gracing recent covers of several high-profile food magazines1 and America’s growing appetite for Asian noodles.2


Slurp MorningStar Farms® Japanese Soba Noodles Veggie Bowls brimming with soba noodles, veggie Steak Strips, edamame and bamboo shoots in a zesty soy ginger garlic sauce.



Brinner branches out. Brinner— eating breakfast foods for dinner—just might be surging outside the home. Consider our Kellogg’s NYC Times Square café, dishing up unique cereal combos late into the night.


At home, take a fast and savory spin on brinner with Kellogg’s® Special K® Portabella, Kale & Quinoa Quiches or Kellogg’s Corn Flakes® Chilaquiles.



Eyes are on ingredient transparency. Expect to see more food products and restaurants reveal not just nutrition facts and ingredients lists, but also information like country of origin, geographical source and growing method.1


To learn about the journey of some popular cereals and snacks:

Download our From Field to Pantry infographics

Holiday Snack Recipes


We’ve whipped up a whole new batch of easy, tasty holiday snack recipes, perfect for your next party, a welcome break at home — or a little something for Santa.


We especially love Fig, Goat Cheese and Almond Bruschetta made with Special K® Parmesan Sesame Quinoa Crackers and Cinnamon-Sweet Potato Dip served with Keebler® Club® Multi-Grain crackers.

Browse the recipe collection here.

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