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Know the Facts on Fibre

Eating a diet with adequate levels of dietary fibre has been linked to numerous health benefits. Kellogg’s “Know the Facts on Fibre” discusses the latest research regarding the effects of fibre on health and wellbeing. Furthermore, “Know the Facts on Fibre” provides Canadian’s with dietary recommendations as well as strategies for helping consume adequate levels of dietary fibre.

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Dietary Fibre: Still Going Strong

Take a closer look at the importance of fibre including research that links diets containing high levels of fibre with a reduction in the risk of chronic diseases.

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Cereal: The Complete Story

Cereal is nutritious, delicious and affordable but sometimes misunderstood. We gathered an assortment of resources to give the complete story about cereal and its many benefits.

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New Research Demands a Fresh Look at Fibre

A new study reveals that an increase in cereal fibre intake can help save millions in annual healthcare system costs related to cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

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