Kellogg's Nutrition Retail Dietitian Toolkits:

Every new shopper gained, current shopper retained, and extra item added to the grocery cart is a highly valued measurement of how your services benefit your company. Our resources can help you support the health and wellness goals of various shopper segments (Baby Boomers, weight managers, time strapped moms, etc.) in ways that impact these outcomes. In addition, these resources can help you have a positive influence in the communities your company serves.

Introducing Healthy Investments

An agequake is happening in our country, as an American turns 50 every 7.5 seconds and 74 million Baby Boomers will retire over the next 20 years.

Boomers are valuable to the retail industry as they

have 50% of disposable income in this country,
have the highest basket ring, and
account for $230 billion (49%) of consumer package goods sales.


To build loyalty with this influential generation, Kellogg’s® is partnering with retailers though our Healthy Investments campaign to develop promotions and messaging that meets their needs. The program is designed to remind Boomers of the broad range of cereals that, when combined with milk, can help provide the wholesome grains, protein, and other nutrients for their best starts today and in the days ahead.

Resources for Retail Dietitians

These resources were created with the Healthy Investments campaign in mind to help you amplify the program in store and the surrounding community. If your stores are not participating in the Healthy Investments In Store Program, these materials are still valuable resources that help you engage your Baby Boomer shoppers. Working together, we can help Baby Boomers make sure their best days are still ahead.


Boomer Insights Key insights to successfully build loyalty with this audience.

Baby Boomer Intel

Promotional Ideas
Baby Boomers seek targeted programs and individualized attention, making in-store promotions key to reaching this audience.

Promotional Ideas

Communications Content
Ready-to-go content and info graphs to reach Boomers through e-newsletters, blogs, corporate website, or tweets.

Communications Content
Fiber Fix Info Graphic

Media Pitches
Relevant and sharp ideas designed to hit your sweet spot with the media.

Media Pitches

Food Demo Sheets
You’re the expert at helping shoppers translate nutrient recommendations into foods and meals. These recipes are perfect for in-store demos or media spots.

Cinnamon Raisin Stuffed Apples
Corncakes with Blueberry Sauce
Mini Wheats Hot
Raisin Bran Muffin Breakfast Sandwich

Scientific Support
Overviews of research related to Boomers, breakfast, cereal and health in support of recommendations made through the toolkit.

Scientific Support