Resources and Tools


Preparing a breakfast lesson? Here’s another way to serve it up. Our MyBowl™ tool is a simple bilingual resource that helps people envision how to build a balanced breakfast with great nutrition. Check out our free, non-branded MyBowl™ materials.

Mix for More

Help clients surprise their senses and embrace their inner chef with Mix for More! More what? Whatever they want, exotic flavors, colorful toppings, amped up nutrition, and creative textures. The Mix for More handout helps you create food demonstration and suggest amazing flavor combinations that bring new excitement to WIC cereals.

36 Mix Various Cereals Handout

Want some tasty ways to use all 36 oz. of cereal? Let’s get cooking! Our 36 Mix materials and activities demonstrate how 36 oz. of cereal can be a nutritious cost-saving ingredient in lunch, dinner, snack, or dessert recipes. Spanish language and non-branded versions available upon request.

Food Demonstration Tools

Recipe demonstrations can be a great way to teach healthy cooking and the benefits of good nutrition. Check out these helpful tips.

Eating Pattern Food Journal

This bilingual tool helps you noneuss overall eating patterns with clients. You can make recommendations or just have them write down how many servings they eat from each food group throughout the day. This gives an overview of their habits without getting into a lot of details so you can focus on helping them with simple changes like eating one more serving of vegetables a day, adding more physical activity, or making sure they don’t skip breakfast!

Information for Local Agency Staff

Articles and Digital Content

Want your clients to live healthier? Show them where to look. Invite your clients to explore bilingual WIC-friendly recipes, read nutrition articles, try our interactive Healthy Habits tool, and more. We’ve made it easy at:

Consumer Insights and Industry Training

Why do clients make certain food choices? How do WIC classes and interventions influence their decisions? Do clients know how to get the most out of their food package? By sharing our consumer insights, we can help WIC agencies improve programming and social marketing campaigns to inspire change among WIC households.

We also provide trainings for food list coordinators or directors looking for information on how manufacturers work with retailers to bring WIC foods to market. Gaining a better understanding of industry operations can help state and local agencies find innovative ways to improve the WIC shopping experience

For our latest WIC consumer research, presentations on industry operations, or state or regional level training opportunities, contact us.