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Meet the Kellogg’s Know Team of Nutrition Professionals

Kellogg was the first food company to hire a registered dietitian in 1923. Since then, the company continues to support the contribution of dietitians and nutritionists.

Pat Felt-Gunderson, MS, RD, LD
Nutrition Business Partner, Nutrition Marketing

"Everything in moderation; nothing in excess."

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Sarah Woodside, MS, RD
Sr Nutrition Business Partner, Nutrition Marketing

"Enjoy all foods in moderation."

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Stacey Krawczyk, MS, RD
Sr Nutrition Business Partner, Nutrition Marketing

"Food is more than just nutrients – eating is also meant to be enjoyed, shared
and savored. It is woven through our memories, culture and traditions."

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Courtney Placinta, MPH, RD
Nutrition Business Partner, Nutrition Marketing

"Good nutrition doesn’t have to be boring or hard. Lots of fiber, lots of fruits
and veggies, and all other things in moderation!"

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Melanie Hall, MS, RD
Sr Nutrition Business Partner, Nutrition Marketing

"Nutrition doesn't have to be complicated or expensive."

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Mindy Hamilton-Smith, MSNW
Assistant Nutrition Marketing Manager,
Nutrition Marketing

"Try not to get overwhelmed by the big picture; the small changes
tend to make the biggest difference"

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Linda Goldman, RD
Special K Brand Service Steward, 
Consumer Affairs

"Eat well, be well."

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Jessica Gutsue, MA, RDN
Senior Consumer Specialist,
Consumer Affairs

"Little by little, a little becomes a lot."

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Setsuko Kamotani, MS, RD
Associate Manager,
Consumer Affairs

"No single food will make or break good health. But the kinds of food you
choose day in and day out have a major impact."
-Walter Willet

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Donna Thede, PhD, RD
Director of Global Nutrition and Scientific Affairs,
Government Relations Business Partner

"Feel and look good on the inside and outside by taking as much (or more)
time to plan your meals and snacks as you do in deciding on your outfit and
activities for the day."

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Shweta Ingle, MS, MA, RD
Assistant Scientist,
Nutrition Labeling & Regulatory Compliance

"You are what you eat."

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Every year adds a new chapter to our story.


Kellogg brothers discover how to make flaked cereal


W.K. Kellogg brings consumers the world’s first ready-to-eat cereal


Kellogg hires the first full-time Dietitian


Kellogg pioneers the printing of nutrition, recipes and product info on packages


The first ready-to-eat cereal fortified with B vitamins arrives in stores


Kellogg unveils the first high-protein cereal on the market


Nutrition facts appear on the front of a U.S. cereal box for the first time


The first 100% brown rice, Gluten Free, cereal hits the shelves