The Kellogg Nutrition Team

Introduction to Kellogg’s Nutrition

More than 100 years ago, W. K. Kellogg recognised the possibilities in a single grain. And with the discovery of his toasted corn flakes, breakfast cereal was born. Motivated by a passion to help people improve their health, Kellogg embraced every opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the people he touched.

That’s why the Kellogg Company was the first in the food industry to hire a Registered Dietitian to run the Kellogg’s home economics department and provide nutrition education to families. We were the first company to print nutrition messages and product information on cereal boxes so that our consumers could make informed decisions about the food they eat. We were also the first to fortify our cereals in order to help people meet their nutrient requirements.

Today Kellogg employs nutrition professionals around the globe, including registered dietitians, regulatory and labeling experts and doctorate and master-level food and nutrition scientists, which attests to the fact that health and nutrition remain at the core of our business.

We are committed to:

  1. Providing consumers with a wide choice of quality food products that can be a part of a balanced diet and meet their varying taste requirements
  2. Keeping abreast of the on-going scientific advancements in nutrition and food research
  3. Developing new products and enhancing existing products that take into account evidence-based nutrition and the needs of our consumers
  4. Providing consumers with nutrition information so that they can make informed food choices
  5. Communicating evidence-based nutrition messages to help support a healthier community

The Kellogg South Africa Nutrition Team

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  Linda Drummond RD (SA)
Nutrition, Communications and Corporate Affairs Manager

Cheryl Meyer RD (SA)
Consultant Dietitian