Taking the Lead on Fiber

We have long understood the important role fiber plays in overall health and wellness, and we are committed to helping consumers increase the fiber in their diets through foods they already eat and enjoy. Below are some recent activities promoting fiber around the globe.

Dietary Fibre Conference 2015, Paris, France

The European Kellogg's(R) All Bran team sponsored a breakfast session at the Dietary Fibre Conference held in Paris, France in June 2015.  The breakfast session featured All Bran cereals and presentations on the benefits of wheat bran fiber.

New research shows grains and ready-to-eat cereal as top sources of fiber.

Research presented at the Experimental Biology Conference in 2015 found that grain foods are the top source of fiber for people who meet their daily recommendation of fiber.  See the infographic below for more information.

The World Gastroenterology Organization & Kellogg Company announce 5 year partnership

Kellogg nutrition has forged a global partnership with the World Gastroenterology Organization (WGO) to develop research and education programs for health care professionals about the benefits of All Bran and wheat bran fiber for digestive health. The WGO represents more than 50,000 gastroenterologists and other health care professionals from around the globe.

Study finds more fiber in the diet may help reduce health care costs in US

A new health economic study shows a potential health care savings of $12.7 billion per year if U.S. adults would increase their dietary fiber to about 25 grams, the minimum level recommended by health experts for adults. Currently, less than one in ten Americans meet their daily fiber needs.

Listen to the researcher discuss the significance of these findings in the video below:

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