Advancing Nutrition & Health

We believe consumer nutrition literacy is crucial — everywhere. That’s why we provide education materials to help consumers make informed food choices for themselves and their families — everywhere we are in the world.

We do this through on-pack labeling and website content as well as by engaging with consumer groups and hosting various continuing education programs and symposiums for health care professionals.

Nutrition Labeling

Back in the 1930s, Kellogg was among the first companies to include nutrition labeling and product information on boxes. Starting in 2005, we pioneered front-of-pack Guideline Daily Amounts (GDAs) to give consumers information on calories, sugar, sodium and other nutrients in our foods. This fact-based labeling system complements the more detailed nutrition and ingredient labels found on the side or back panels of packages. Today, Kellogg products around the globe include both nutrition information on the side or back panel and front-of-pack labeling in accordance with local dietary guidance and regulations.

In the U.S. in 2012, the food industry began rolling out a new front-of-pack nutrition labeling system that we believe will be even more consumer friendly. "Facts Up Front" – a joint initiative among food and beverage companies in the U.S. – will ultimately replace our GDAs. The simple and easy-to-understand Facts Up Front are designed to be a companion to the more-detailed nutrition panel located on the side or back of each product package. At the end of 2014, 100 percent of our U.S. Kellogg’s®-branded ready-to-eat cereals and snack bars had Facts Up Front labels.

Education Programs & Research

The following are just some of the many programs we supported or sponsored for health care professionals, nutrition scientists and others in 2015-2016:


In partnership with leading researchers and nutrition experts, Kellogg hosted a scientific session at the American Society for Nutrition (ASN) annual meeting at the Experimental Biology Conference in 2015. The symposium "Back to the Future? Ancient Grains and Sprouting for Enhanced Nutrition" included grain experts, Julie Miller Jones and Maria Omary discussing the nutrition of several different ancient & sprouted grains, as well as food applications.

Latin America

On May 12, 2016 the Instituto de Nutrición y Salud Kellogg (INSK) celebrated their 10th anniversary with a special session on Chronobiology & Obesity. Leading researchers in the area of nutrition & circadian rhythms from Latin America and the US, presented the symposium to approximately 2000 researchers and health care professionals.


In 2016, Kellogg Europe hosted a round table satellite session at the 17th annual International Congress of Dietetics in Granada, Spain.  The session, "Industry response to the changing world, A Kellogg Overview" covered topics on corporate social responsibility, sustainability  and the nutrition of our foods.  Research sponsored by Kellogg Europe was also presented at the conference with topics ranging from fortification to weight management and digestive health.